You might have noticed that UENI offers Listings Management. If so, you might be wondering, what does that mean? 

In a nutshell, Listings Management is your business's short-cut to appearing on some of the most high-traffic online directories and listings sites around. This includes the likes of Uber, Foursquare, Apple Maps and Facebook.  

Instead of having to manually build a business profile yourself, UENI will do all the hard work for you and create your new listings in a matter of days. Then, we'll help you manage them all from one easy place. 

Here's why your business needs Listings Management: 

1. You’ll increase your discoverability

A survey from Search Engine Land has found that 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses. So the majority of people that may be in need of your service or product are online.

These potential customers will generally not go past the first page in search of what they need. In fact, 57% of all search traffic goes to the top three searches.

If your website is new, or in a competitive industry, it may be hard to rank your website in the top three search results without a massive focus on SEO and content creation. But it is very possible to rank in directories.

And considering how many people use online directories to choose a business, it makes sense to have yours listed on all the directories most relevant to your products or services, so customers can find you.

2. You’ll improve your websites search rank

Listings and online directories provide high-quality backlinks to your site. Backlinks are links from other sites that point back to yours. They are one of the ranking factors Google uses to determine where a site will rank in search. Each time you get a link pointing back to your website, Google sees this as a vote for your site. In most cases, the more votes you get, the higher you will rank.

Additionally, your directory listing can rank high in search results, further helping you get in front of your target customers.


3. You’ll enhance your reputation

With so many options around, consumers these days tend to be quite picky. Nobody wants to purchase anything from a business that doesn't look legit. Having your business connected to several reputable directories will help alleviate people’s skepticism and show that you’re a legitimate, serious business.

Furthermore, many directories show customer reviews. Considering that 91% of people regularly read online reviews, and 84% trust them as much as personal recommendations, having a number of places online where customers can rave about you will strengthen your business’ reputation and convince potential customers that they should choose you over the competition.

Ready to request Listings Management?

If you’re interested in having us help expand your online visibility, improve your business reputation, and increase the number of positive reviews you have, just head to the Pro-Features tab on your Hub


To get started,  log in to your business Hub here and head to your Pro Features tab. 


Scroll down and you'll be able access your Listings and Reviews dashboards via Listing Management.

Our team will begin building your new listings immediately! 

And using your Listings Dashboard, you'll be able to keep track of all the platforms your business is listed on and ensure your information is correct and up-to-date everywhere.

Please note: Listings Management support is only available to customers on the Plus and Growth plan. To learn more about our plans and upgrade today, click here

If you have any other questions, please be sure to message our support team here.