Using the Special Opening Hours section, you can amend your opening hours on specific holidays/dates in a few quick steps. 

This is particularly handy for public holidays (e.g. bank holidays, and other relevant days), to let your customers know about any upcoming changes in your services. 

To edit your special opening hours, just watch our video explanation below or read on:  


First, log in to your business Hub here and head to your Reputation tab.

Then, click on Listings in your Reputation menu:


Next, scroll down to Special Opening Hours and click Edit to add your specific hours. 

When you're finished, just hit Save

Marking your business as closed

If your location is closed on a particular day, just mark it as Closed. You can add as many special opening hours as you want. Make sure to add special opening hours a minimum of 7 days in advance in order for all the data to be processed in time.

If you have any other questions, please be sure to message our support team here.