Customers are far more likely to engage with business profiles that include engaging, high-quality images. Luckily, using your Listings dashboard, you can display a range of images to your listings on popular platforms like Apple Maps and Uber. 

To get started, just login to your business Hub here and head to your Pro Features tab. 


Scroll down and you'll be able access your Listings and Reviews dashboards via Listing Management.

Next, select Listings and scroll down to the Images option.


Press the Plus (+) icon to add your new images. You'll see the following menu: 

Select the type of photo you wish to add by pressing the Plus (+) icon again. You'll then be able to upload photos from your device, social media accounts or a web search. 

When you're finished selecting your images, press Upload

What kind of images can I add? 

  • Logo: This will be added to different channels/directories
  • Squared logo: This logo will be specifically used on Facebook and Local Listing (internally)
  • Main Photo: The first image that will be shown in your GMB listing (uploaded by owner section)
  • Landscape photo: This image is specifically for Facebook use
  • Other photos: These are photos that add to the overall image of your location. This may include photos of your business's interior, exterior, dishes, products et cetera

If you have any other questions, please be sure to message our support team here.