It's always a good idea to ask your visitors to leave a review by creating a Review Request Campaign. These will boost your online reviews and therefore your online reputation. 

To send a Review Request campaign, just watch our video explanation below or read on: 


1. To get started, log in to your business Hub here and head to your Reputation tab.

2. Next, click on review Request and press the Create new campaign button.

3. Select your business name on the drop-down menu, and press Next.

4. Next, choose the platform you wish to receive more reviews for. 

5. Now, decide what you'd like to do with negative feedback. Remember, you can redirect the negative feedback to a private email. This is so your review channel wall is clean and you have the opportunity to reach out to these visitors and communicate with them. 


We recommend that you keep an eye on any negative feedback, as it's key for improvement and success.

Alternatively, you can send negative feedback to the platform. You may also redirect this feedback to a custom URL, which allows you to set up your own survey for instance, and find out more about why a customer is unhappy. 

6.  On the next screen, you'll see a beautiful preview of your review campaign. Edit your image or leave the one we've placed, then continue to the next step. 

7. In Campaign Setup, you may only edit the top image. We'll take care of timing the campaign and optimizing the emails, in order to improve the performance of the email campaign.

8. On the following Summary page, you can check all of your request settings. Simply double-check your work, then hit Start Campaign to send your request. Alternatively, you can click Start Later to save it for later. 


Congrats - your campaign is ready to go. Get ready for some excellent customer reviews! 

If you have any other questions, please be sure to message our support team here.