You may have noticed that once our team begins building your Listings, each of them can take a different length of time to be created, and that some of your Listings may have different 'statuses'. Please read below for a full explanation of what each status means, and how to review it. 

Here's how to view your Listings status at any time: 

First, login to your business Hub here and head to your Reputation tab. Here, you'll be able access your Listings and Reviews dashboards. 

Next, select Listings to access your business information. 

You'll land in your Listings manager, where you may view and edit all the information displayed on your listings.

Next, select the Channels tab under your business name. 

You'll find a list of all your Listing platforms. To view your Listing status,check out the option on the final column on the right side of your screen. 

For instance, below you can see that Facebook is 'Not Connected' and Google is ticked 'Connected':

What do my Listing statuses mean? 

There are three different statuses to look out for.

  • Ready (green): The channel is okay and ready to use


  • Pending (orange): The data is going to be retrieved from the channel


  • Unknown (blue): Status unknown


  • Error (red): The data is not available for the specified channel or it was not possible to process the channel after three hours of adding or changing it


If an error has occurred, the wrong platform URL has probably been used. Please contact us to correct this.


Status last sync:

When clicking on one of the status symbols, the last sync status can be revealed. By checking the last synced status, you are able to check the health of the data and the linked platform.


The last sync status reveals the last time the platform has been synced and therefore, how fresh the data (per platform) is on each Listing. 

If you have any other questions, please be sure to message our support team here.