Statuses are used in different parts of your Listings to easily describe the status of your business information on the platform. You may have noticed that once our team begins building your Listings, each of them may have a different 'sync' status. 


Please read below for a full explanation of what each sync status means, and how to review it.

Listing status:

Active: Will be synced and renewed.

Inactive: Will not be synced any more.

Needs Review: Our support team needs to review the location data.

Cancelled: Will be synced, will not be renewed.

Closed: Location has shut down, we'll remove listings from the internet.


Sync Date:

First Sync date: Date since listing is under active management by Listings

Last Sync date: Last date the listing was synchronized to all channels


Channel status:

Submitted and verified : Location found on channel and in sync with inserted data.

Submitted : Location in sync with inserted data, but cannot be checked online

Technical Problem : Temporary problems when connecting with channel.

Not found : Business not (yet) found on channel.

Data incorrect : Location found on channel but differs from inserted data.

Unsupported : If the location is incompatible with the channel or if we cannot search on that channel.


Business Listing status:

Pending : If 1 or more channels are not Submitted and/or Submitted and verified state (in green state).

Syncing : If all channels are Submitted and or Submitted and verified (in green state).

What does it mean if my Listing says 'Submitted' and stays this way?

If a Listing states that it is 'Submitted', this means that the specific platform your business is listed on does not provide an automatic message to let you know that your listing is live and synced. This is due to the way the platform is set up. 

In this case, you'll need to simply visit and manually check the platform yourself, to see if your business's listing is synced and accurate. The majority of the time, you can assume that the 'Submitted' message means that your listing is fully synced with your latest business information. 


However, it's a good idea to double-check by looking through the information on the platform yourself, as you know your business better than anyone.



Here's how to view your sync statuses at any time: 

First, login to your business Hub here and head to your Reputation tab. Here, you'll be able access your Listings and Reviews dashboards. 

Next, select Listings to access your business information. 

You'll land in your Listings manager, where you may view and edit all the information displayed on your listings.

Next, select the Channels tab under your business name. 

You'll see a list of all the platforms you're listed on. To find your sync status, just check the label under Status next to each platform name.

For instance, the Google Search sync status is 'Listing being updated', in the image below. This means that the information on this listing is updating itself. 

Now, just check your Listing sync information to double-check everything is up to date!


If you have any other questions, please be sure to message our support team here.