Please note: The Listings dashboard is only available to customers on Plus and Growth subscriptions.

What is the Listings dashboard?

The Listings dashboard is a unique functionality we offer within our more exclusive paid plans. Listings enable shops, restaurants, doctors, and every other local business to automatically optimize their online presence for local searches. Using Listings, you ensure that your business will be found as quickly and frequently as possible when users search for directions, opening hours, reviews, recommendations or events.

With Listings, your company information is synchronized daily and protected against manipulation by third parties. Therefore, the location information is consistent everywhere and the listing is always up to date, so no one is going to get incorrect or old information about your business.

This feature automatically puts your business on 10+ high-traffic platforms, opening your business opportunities to an entire new customer base and ensuring that your business gets the recognition it deserves.

Here's what the main section of the dashboard looks like:

And you can get a better idea of how it works in this video.

Why is this valuable?

  • Your business is listed on multiple relevant platforms and channels, reaching an entirely new range of customers.
  • Your search rankings are greatly improved by listing you on important local platforms.
  • Your profiles on all multiple platforms are all automatically created and synced with your UENI account, updated regularly - you don't have to manually change the information in each of your listings.
  • All of the data in listings can be accessed from the convenience of your UENI Hub.
  • Getting listed on more platforms builds on your trustworthiness on other platforms such as Google, improving your online ranking.
  • Consistency is ensured between all of your business profiles and listings created using the dashboard, as all your information will be up-to-date.

The Listings dashboard is accessible via the Reputation section of the My Customers tab of your UENI Hub:  

For more information on how to activate the Listings dashboard, please click here.

For more information on listings and what it can do for your business, take a look at this post from the UENI Blog. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to speak to our team on Live Chat.