Verifying your Google Business Profile is crucial to building your online presence. It'll help your business show up on Google Maps, improve your search ranking and enable you to see and respond to Google reviews.

Our subscriptions - Basic, Plus and Growth - include the setup of your Google Business Profile. However, you will have to verify your business and Google will not display listings on Google Maps unless they are completely verified. If this is the case, you'll need to take additional steps to verify it and get it published.

Before you start...

Double-check your business information!

In order to manually verify a Google Business Profile, you'll need a complete and accurate business address and phone number. It doesn't need to show up on your page, but we cannot build your GBP without it. Although Google offers a few verification methods – namely phone call, text, email and SMS – the only method that's available to all users is a verification postcard from Google. 

While you may not conduct your business at a physical location, Google requires a full address to send your postcard, and won't accept PO boxes or remote mailboxes in this field.

Before you submit your address, make sure it's complete, accurate and well-formatted. Remember to include street and number (if applicable), postal code, city, state and country. If you're not sure how to format it, it's a good idea to search it on Google Maps and follow the same style.

You can update your address on your website's editor. Just head to your website Editor, then click on Sections and select Contact Me. Once you're done, remember to hit the Save button at the bottom!


Choose a verification method

Next, you'll need to pick a verification method. To see the verification options available to you, simply log in to your UENI Hub and click on the My Customers tab.

In the Google Business section at the bottom, you'll see following screen with the available verification options. 

The availability of each option for a given business is defined by Google and can differ from business to business – the criteria for this decision are not shared. 



SMSGoogle will send a text message with the PIN code to your phone number.
EmailGoogle will send an email with the PIN code to your email.
PhoneCallGoogle will call your phone to deliver the PIN code.
BusinessAddressGoogle will send a postcard to your business address (it may take up to 4 days to arrive).
AutomaticGoogle will attempt to verify your business profile automatically, based on the submitted business information and account info. 

Restart Verification

If you don't receive a PIN code or if you wish to pick a different verification method, the option to restart the verification process is available after one hour. 


Need a hand?
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