Whether your business sells services or products, this is the section where you can showcase them in detail and promote them to the world.

Services is the ideal place to show off everything your business has to offer - so you should make sure it's always updated with your latest eye-catching images and exact pricing. 

To edit your Services and Products section, please check out the video below, or read on for further instructions:

How to add a new product/service: 

To get started, log into your Business Hub and click on Edit Website (this will take you to your website editor).  


Next, click on Sections and then select Services and Products. 

Now, click on 'Add new group' to indicate the type of service/product you want to sell. For instance, we've added 'Books' below: 

Press Save to save your changes, then select ‘Add new service’. You'll see a menu like this one: 

Now, just add in your specific product/service (e.g. Children's books) and press Save to add this new item to your site. 

Congrats! You're now displaying your wonderful new products/services on your site. 



What does the Payment Button do? 

This button lets people know that you're accepting online purchases! If you're Plus or Reputation plan customer, make sure you tick the 'Show payment button' box to show visitors that your products/services are available to buy online. 

You'll be asked to add the email associated with your Paypal account: 

Just add your email and a 'Buy now' button will appear next to the service, showing customers that this product is available to buy online! 

Not on a paid plan yet? We'd love to help you start selling your awesome services/products on your site. Just click here to access the Subscription tab on your Hub and find the perfect plan for your business. For more information on receiving payments on your site, click here

How to add pricing information to your services/products

49% of customers searching for local business information expect to see prices, so it’s a very good idea to take a minute to add pricing information for every service or product listed on your website. 

It'll help your site look that much more professional, and increase your chances of making a sale. You'll find the pricing section under the Service Name:

  • If the service you offer has a specific price, make sure to add it under Price
  • If you want to make your service bookable, make sure to tick the Bookable checkbox. This will enable them to book your services for a specific time/date. 

Please note: If appropriate, you may also include further clarification about your pricing under Pricing For. You can use this section to list pricing per hour or per some other unit.  

Add a description to each service/product


A service/product description enables you to provide additional information about your offering. This will help your customers be better informed, so that they can make a balanced decision when choosing between different services and service providers. 


If you previously provided us with information about your services/products when you signed up, we may have already added some of these descriptions for you. Don’t worry though, you’re free to personalize and edit this text however you like. 

Hope that helps! 

If you have any questions, please get in touch by sending us a message here. We're always happy to help.