Any successful business needs to offer customers an easy, clear way to get in touch with them. Keep your customers up-to-date by editing your contact information whenever necessary. 

Editing your contact info (including your business name, address, phone number, email address and website address) couldn't be simpler. 

Editing your contact information

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to edit your contact information.


Step 1: Log into your editor

Log into your Business Hub and click on Edit Website (this will take you to your website editor).

Step 2: Go to Sections to find the Contact Us and Location sections

These are the two sections that may contain your address and contact details. It is important to update your contact information in both of these sections.


Step 3: Change your address

To make any changes to your business address, just scroll down and fill in the relevant fields. You can search for your postcode or enter your address manually.

Please note: Any changes you make to your address will be reflected on the relevant sections


Step 4: Display or Hide Your Address

You can choose to display or hide your address with the switcher next to Address visibility.

Step 5: Save your progress

 When you're happy with your edits, press Save to save your changes. 

Well done, your information is now up-to-date! 

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