We are excited to announce that we are introducing Advanced Layouts to your UENI websites. That means your UENI websites can have multiple pages depending on your needs.

Before this change, all the sections of your website appear in the home page under the Basic layout. However, you now have access to six advanced layouts. What does this change mean for your websites? 

  • Advanced layouts allow you to display different pages on your website. The content previously displayed on a single landing page is now distributed across multiple pages.
  • Each layout has a different default set of pages, and a different combination of sections on each page. 
  • Currently, we offer a selection of advanced layouts that can be tailored to different business types, including: 
  • Essential
  • Standard
  • Store
  • Shop
  • Local
  • Creative
  • Contact 
  • Personal

The new advanced layouts are available to all active users on any plans. If you haven't subscribed to one of our plans, you can upgrade here.

Check out the video below for a quick tutorial of how to set this up for your website:

Advanced layouts: Enabling and Setup

First, click here to access your website editor, select Theme and choose your desired advanced layout.

Don't forget to click Save to publish the changes.

That's it! You have successfully enabled advanced layout to your website. 

Follow our guides for more information on:

With Advanced Layouts, you can access each individual page from your website's navigation menus. Check out some of our example pages that we have created to see how you can best use advanced layouts.

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