Customers expect reputable businesses to have a real and professional-sounding email address, so upgrading your email account should be one of the first steps you take when getting your business online. Our in-house experts have highlighted the importance of having your own custom email addresses.

To set up your professional email address with UENI, you'll need to upgrade to a paid subscription and then select your custom domain name

Once your domain name is live, setting up your professional email address is easy! 

First, login to your site and head your Pro Features tab here. Check out the video below for our step-by-step walkthrough: 

Or you can follow the steps shown below: 

Remember to only add the first bit of the email address in the Username. In the example above, the custom domain is The Username used was contact, meaning that the final email address selected was

Choose your email address carefully, as it cannot be changed once the request has been submitted!

Once you are ready to proceed with your custom email, click Submit. You will then be met with this popup:

After your request has been submitted, your email address will be ready in just a few minutes! It may take longer in more complex cases.

You can see the status of your new professional email address next to the tile on the Pro Features page:

To access your new email account, just select the Go to webmail button on your Hub.

Alternatively, you can access the UENIMail platform directly on please click here. 

Use the email address and the password you selected to login to your new email account. For further guidance on how to access your new professional email account, please check out this article.

In case you missed it, here's a post from the UENI Blog highlighting the reasons why you need to have your own professional email address! 

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