Please note: this feature is only available to customers on paid UENI subscription plans. If you haven't upgraded your plan yet, click here.

Good news! If you've purchased a domain name from a third-party, you can connect it to your UENI website in only a few steps. 

We’ve made this process super easy so you can quickly get back to the important stuff – the running of your business. 

First, you'll need to log in and access the Pro-Features tab on your Hub hereThen, follow the steps shown below:

Make sure to enter your domain name and hit the Connect button to finish up. You'll be prompted to update your nameservers to ours, which are:

You can click here to check out a step-by-step of how to complete this change in your provider.

If your provider is not on the list or you need further assistance, don't worry though - just drop us a message here and our team will send you further information about your next steps over email.  

Please note: Customers wishing to connect a domain provided by Wix should follow the steps set out in this handy help article

Not sure what nameservers are? Nameservers are exactly what they sound like – the names of servers. They allow web hosts (like us) to manage domain names. If a domain name points to a specific nameserver, the internet will know which web host is managing that domain name.