To be a successful business person, you have to be proactive. That means looking out for and investing in opportunities for growth, as well as ignoring the things that will waste your time and money. 

So maybe you’ve heard about custom domains, but you’re not sure whether they will actually help your business grow. 

No problem, to help you make the best decision for the business, we’ve outlined the benefits that a custom domain name can provide for your brand and website.

Increase brand awareness

No matter what industry you're based in, online competition is fierce. Everyone and their grandmother have a website so it is essential to distinguish yourself if you are to have a long line of customers knocking at your door.

You want to be at the front of potential customer's minds when they search for services/products like yours. To do this, it is essential that you have a memorable domain name. Make it too hard, and users will just go to one of the many other businesses looking to take their custom.

Custom domains allow you to choose a memorable name, so you’re always at the front of customers' minds.

It’s the difference between:



Build credibility & trust

It doesn’t require any form of investment. It is the difference between saying you have a business and having the Company House registration to back it up. A custom domain name will legitimize your business online and make customers more likely to trust it.       

And many customers will question doing business with a company that is unwilling to invest in itself.  


Higher click-through

Shorter URLs have 250% more click-through in organic search. This is because long URLs are hard to decipher and appear less trustworthy.

Custom domain names are inherently shorter than their subdomain counterparts. So with a custom domain, you’ll get more traffic. And more traffic means more sales.  

Make sure you don’t miss out on all those extra clicks, get your very own custom domain today by going to your Hub and choosing the domain name of your dreams.    

Improve search engine ranking

All things being equal, more clicks = higher search ranking. And a higher search ranking = more clicks. An upward spiral of success – exactly what we want!    


Setup a unique email address

With a custom domain, you open the door to a professional email address. Go from:


Customers expect businesses to contact them from real business emails. And once you've got a custom domain, getting a professional business email is super simple (remember, you can't get a custom email without a domain). 

Avoid your emails ending up in a customer's junk folder, and take the first step by getting your custom domain.


Protect your business reputation

With over 100,000 domain names bought every day, your domain can very easily be snapped by someone else with the same idea as you.

Additionally, domains are incredibly inexpensive and so your competition may not think twice about buying your domain name, just so you can’t have it. Horrible, we know!

There are many cases of people buying domains and building sites to tarnish the name of a business. Protect your business brand by claiming your domain name, before anyone else does. 

How to upgrade your domain name

Ready to get started? If you've decided to upgrade your domain name with UENI, you'll have to upgrade to a premium subscription. To learn more about our paid plans and upgrade yours today, click here

Still not sure what a domain name is? Find out more in our handy explanation here.

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