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So your UENI website is now up and running, and you're thinking about what else you can do to stand out from the crowd. 

Maybe you’ve heard phrases like ‘domain name’ thrown around and you’ve started wondering whether you need a domain to have the kind of business success you’re looking for.

Here at UENI, we've noticed that one of the most effective changes any business can make is to switch their website from a subdomain to a custom domain name

Domain names explained 

You can picture domain names like addresses in that they tell people (and search engines) where to find you. Just like addresses, every domain is unique – there can be no two domains with the exact same name. is an example of a domain name. is another.

And just like addresses, some domains are memorable, and others are forgettable. The last thing you want as a business is to be forgettable! 

Your site comes with a free subdomain, for example:

Not bad! But it doesn’t have the memorability and branding potential that a custom domain name has, such as:

How to upgrade your domain name

If you're looking to upgrade your domain name with UENI, you'll have to switch to a paid account using one of our great premium plan options.  

And by upgrading your domain, you'll also get access to other awesome perks; including a professional email account, payment buttons to sell online, and new templates to switch up your website design. 

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