The favicon is the logo that appears on a tab. For example, this page's favicon should be the UENI logo.


And why should you get one? Well, having a personalized favicon will help your brand's image, and make your logo more memorable to prospective clients!

To update your favicon in just a few steps, please watch the video explanation below or read on:  


  • First, log into your Editor here
  • Go to Settings and scroll down to the Favicon section
  • Click on the arrow icon to upload your new favicon
  • Once you have selected your favicon, hit Save

It's worth noting that there are some image restrictions, after all, it's only a tiny logo.

  • Image added should be square-shaped

  • Recommended format: .png, .ico, .jpg

  • Recommended size: 180px x 180px

If you have any questions or need further help, please message our team here.