The testimonials section is the part of your site dedicated to sharing and displaying your customer’s opinions about your business. We encourage you to use this area to demonstrate that your business is a trusted and recommended local provider!


Here's a step-by-step guide on how to add/remove Testimonials:

Step 1: Log into your Editor

Log into your Hub and select the Edit Website tab. 

Step 2: Select Testimonials 

Click on Sections, then select Testimonials.

Step 3: Adding New Testimonial and customising your Testimonial section

  • Rename your testimonial sections

You can rename the testimonial sections to different names, such as: Customer Reviews, Customer Feedbacks, What Out Client Thinks.


  • Add new testimonial

For each testimonial, you can add the reviewer's name, date of review, star rating, picture or icon, and a quote.

Adding reviewer's photo

You can choose to use icons instead of images

You can also customise the colours of your icons

Another option is to use letters which represent their initials 

Step 4: Edit Testimonial

To edit an existing testimonial, click on the targeted testimonial and you can change the reviewer's name, date of review, star rating, picture or icon, and a quote.

To delete or edit the orders of your testimonials, click on Edit (which is next to Edit Testimonials). 

  • To delete a testimonial, click on the bin icon.
  • To edit the order, put your cursor on the hamburger icon and drag it to your desired location.
  • Click Done after your finish editing.

Step 5: Save your work

After editing your Testimonial section, click Save to save your progress and you are good to go! 

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