It happens to the best of us, it's okay. 

Before you do anything let's check that you have toed the line with Google's rules.

  • The address you have provided to UENI is not a PO Box (UK: PO Box 000. US: PO Box 1033.)

  • You do not already have a Google My Business listing. (see below)

If you said 'Yes' to the first point, then you are required to head to the Editor and input a valid business address. 

Please be aware that UENI does not make the rules, these are Google's requirements, so if you want a GMB listing, it's non-negotiable. If you have doubts about this please check Google's guidelines to represent your business.

Here's how to modify your address in the Editor.

Once that's done, please head to the My Customers section of your hub and scroll down.

You should see this:

If you do, great. If you see 5 stars, even better because it's already connected.

Please press the orange button and follow the login instructions. You should be set.

If it throws you an error of some sort, please click on the Live Chat widget and mention this to one of our team members.

If you said 'Yes' to the second point, then you are required to try to access your GMB listing via the Google interface:

Please note that we cannot get access to this listing without you. You are the owner, and only you can give us access. To give UENI access, please follow these instructions.

If you said 'No' to both, then you're right to get in touch with us! 

We'd recommend that you do so via Live Chat. It's the fastest way to get help.

Please also note that we can hide your address on GMB, as well as the website if you selected that option in the signup form. If you did not, please message us via Live Chat and we'll be happy to hide it for you.