Whether you're preparing for a new website launch, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas or any other seasonal opportunity, you can update all your products with blanket promotions thanks to our Storewide Discounts feature.

Enabling Storewide Discounts

It's easy to grow your online sales with storewide discounts. Here's how you can enable this:

  1. Log in and open the UENI Editor
  2. Click on the Settings section and then on Shopping Cart
  3. Select the Discounts feature
  4. Click the Enable storewide discounts toggle to make the feature active
  5. Set a percentage discount to be applied to the whole Shopping Cart amount
    • You can check the Apply over existing promotional price box to have the discount applied on top of the products' promotional price. Leave it off if you want the discount to be applied to each product's base price.
  6. Click Save

That's it! Storewide discounts are live in your store!

Don't forget to showcase your discount with a featured Promotion in your home page! Go back to Editor > Sections and configure your Promotion display.

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