All current plans with now enjoy the benefits of Advanced Layouts. Advanced Layouts give your websites the benefit of having multiple pages depending on your needs. For more information, please check out our article on Advanced Layouts.

The number of pages on your UENI site depends on your chosen layout, as each layout comes with a specific number of default pages and the option to add new ones. Our current offer allows you to add an additional 10 pages to the current default pages on each layout. Here, we will break down the page counts for UENI site layouts to give you a clear understanding of your website's potential.

Basic Layout: For a straightforward yet effective online presence, the Basic layout is an ideal selection. It consists of a single landing page and the capability to include 10 standalone pages. With the Basic layout, you can build a website comprising a total of 11 pages.

Essential Layout: The Essential layout is a foundational choice for your website. It features 2 default pages: Home and Contact Us, and provides the flexibility to add up to 10 new pages. With the Essential layout, you can create a website with a maximum of 12 pages.

Store Layout: If your goal is to present your products and services in a comprehensive manner, the Store layout is an excellent option. This layout comes with 6 default pages: Home, About Us, Products, Services, Price List, Contact Us. It also allows you to incorporate an additional 10 new pages. As a result, the Store layout permits a total of 16 pages.

Standard Layout: The Standard layout offers a balanced website structure with 3 default pages: Home, Offerings, Contact Us. Additionally, it allows you to include 10 more pages, providing you with ample room for content and customization. You can create a website with a maximum of 13 pages on this layout.

Shop Layout: For those with a focus on showcasing products and price list, the Shop layout is an ideal choice. It comes with 5 default pages: Home, About Us, Products, Price List, Contact Us. You also have the flexibility to include 10 additional pages, which gives you a total of 15 pages on this layout to further enhance your online presence.

Local Layout: The Local layout is designed for businesses with a localized presence. It features 5 default pages: Home, Services, Products, About Us, Contact Us. Moreover, it permits the incorporation of 10 other pages, ensuring you can provide comprehensive information to your audience. As a result, the Local layout permits a total of 15 pages.

Creative Layout: Creativity is at the forefront of the Creative layout. It offers 5 default pages: Home, About Us, Services, Products, Contact Us. Additionally, you can incorporate 10 standalone pages to showcase your unique brand and offerings. On the Creative layout, you can have a total of 15 pages.

Contact Layout: The Contact layout is streamlined for businesses focusing on essential information. It comprises 3 default pages: Home, About Us, Services. To expand your content, you can also add 10 additional pages to effectively connect with your audience. You can have a total of 13 pages on this layout.

Personal Layout: For individuals looking to create a personal online presence, the Personal layout is ideal. It includes 5 default pages: Home, About Us, Services, Products, Contact Us. With the capacity to add 10 standalone pages, you can have up to 15 pages to tailor your website to reflect your personal brand and interests.

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