Getting your professional business email address is just one of the first steps to improving your business presence online. 

However, it's likely that you have your own personal email address and you would like to have the emails sent on your business email to be automatically forwarded to your personal email. 

For this very reason, UENI has a simple process to automatically forward emails sent to your business email address.

First, click on the Settings icon on your email toolbar. You'll find it in the top-right corner of your screen:

Next, click on Forward Messages from the options provided:

In this section, you can add up 20 unique email addresses where you would like the emails received on your business email to be forwarded. This is what the section will look like:

Congratulations! Now you can start receiving emails to your personal inbox automatically.

In case you missed it, here's a post from the UENI Blog highlighting the reasons why you need to have your own professional email address!

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