If your business sells products, this is the section where you can showcase them in detail and promote them to the world.

The Products section is the ideal place to show off the products your business has to offer - so you should make sure it's always updated with your latest eye-catching images and exact pricing.


To add or edit your products, please watch our easy video explanation below, or read on for further instructions.

How to add a new product: 

Editing your products

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to edit your products:

Step 1: Log into the Editor

Step 2: Go to your Products

Step 3: Enter the Section Title

Step 4: Add New Groups

Step 5: Add New Product

Step 6: Add the details

Step 7: Enable the Payment Button and Move Categories

Step 1: Log into the Editor

To get started, log into your Business Hub and click on Edit Website (this will take you to your website editor). 

Next, click on Sections.

Step 2: Go to your Products

Once you're on the sections page, click on Products.

Step 3: Enter the Section Title

Under the Title field, enter the section title you would like for the Products section. 

Here's what it will look like on your page:

Press Save when you have changed the Title field.

Step 4: Add New Groups

Now, click on Add new group to create a product group or a category within all of your products. For instance, we've added 'Luxury Suits' below. Once you add a new product group, you will be directed to the next page so you can start adding individual products to this group. You are free to make further changes to the Title of this new product group. Here's an example:

Step 5: Add New Product

Proceed to clicking on Add new product to add an individual product under this new product group. 

Step 6: Add the details

On this next page, you can add all the details for the product that you're offering.

In the Product Name field, add the name of the product. 

In the Price field, add the price for the product. 

In the Pricing Unit field, add the appropriate pricing unit for the product. It can also be used to display stock remaining for the product, or other important information. 

You can also add a Promotional Price if your product is currently on sale.

Product Variation lets you specify the different options that you have for each product, this could be the differences in colours, sizes or materials. Check out our article and instructions for product variation here.

Don't forget that you can now add both images and videos to showcase your products in greater details to the Media Collection section. Videos can be imported from YouTube or Vimeo.

In the Description field, add the relevant product description for the product. Your customers will see this description when they click on the product on your site.

Make sure to press Save, and here's what your new product will look like:

Step 7: Enable the payment Button and Move Categories

Adding a product on your site is just one thing, it's a whole other thing to put it up for sale and allow your customers to buy it directly on your website.

For this reason, you can activate the shopping cart feature and add the Add to Cart button! This button can be activated by simply selecting the Show payment button option.

With the Add to Cart button, your customers can now select your products and directly check out on your website. Here's what it looks like:

And just like that, you've added a product on your website!

What if I want to move my products from one category to another?

To move your product from one category to a different one, click on the product you would like moved and at the top left corner, click on the drop-down menu under Group and select the category you would like your product moved to, and then press Save. It'll look something like this:

With this information, you're ready to start working on the products for your business!

Bear in mind that these are just the basics. In order to fully utilise this section and showcase your products in the best way possible, take a look at this post from the UENI Blog.

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