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Superscript is the new generation of business insurance. Thanks to UENI’s partnership with Superscript, you can get better, fairer protection designed for modern businesses facing today's risks. From £5.13 per month. Click here to get it! This partnership is only available for our UK customers.

Why do businesses need insurance?

The simplest and all-encompassing answer is that many could not afford the potential financial loss arising from a claim. Other reasons include membership requirements to professional bodies or trade associations - or client requirements.

Why get cover with Superscript?

They make smart choices simple
Superscript recognizes that businesses aren't static, they're dynamic and that's why they've built insurance that evolves alongside you. Get tailored cover in minutes, with the flexibility to change it quickly and without any fees.

They stay ahead of risk

It’s part of their business to understand and pre-empt trends in insurance, business, and technology so that you can get on with yours, leaving the risk to them.

Superscript understands you

They cover over 1,000 business types and recognize that each is unique. Whether you're just starting up or need protection to scale, they enable you to build a cover to fit your requirements. Nothing more, nothing less.

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So don’t miss out on this opportunity to protect your business and click here to get insured with Superscript!

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