Having an outstanding Google My Business (GMB) listing is an easy way to attract new customers to your website. There's so much key information to be stored there, that it's essentially a snapshot of what your business does before even accessing the website. 


UENI can help you to set up and optimise your GMB Listing so that your business will become visible on Google Search and Google Maps.   


Benefits of using GMB:


1. Credibility

Consumers are twice as likely to consider verified businesses on Google My Business “reputable” and trustworthy


2. Traffic

Google Maps provides instant directions to your business from wherever your customers are located


3. Visibility

After we update your GMB listing, Google will know when your store is open and where it is located. When people search Google for specific words that could identify your business, Google shows them open businesses near their location

Our premium customers can benefit from a full review of their Google listing and its optimization as part of a host of cool features offered in paid plans. If you're interested, you can upgrade here today.

So, how do I request this service?


To request this service, you'll need to head to your Pro-Features tab inside the HUB and find the GMB Optimization tile, and simply click on Request Now.

Depending on your business, we will optimise your GMB listing with the relevant features. 


Here's a regular Google Listing, before and after the optimization. 

UENI has added the main products, relevant descriptions & images, as well as posts and business categories to boost the business' chances of enticing new customers  

We can also include additional features if your businesses have other information, such as products and/or FAQs. 

  • Products

  • FAQs

Need a hand?
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