The Profile Standalone Sections allow you to add individual pages highlighting different contributors to your business. You can use them to describe your team, list partners or showcase some clients. 

On each Profile page, you can include a photo, role, different URLs and contact information. 

To get started, please watch the video guide below and read on for further instructions: 


Adding a Profiles Section

Individual member pages live inside a Profiles section. This standalone section collects the member pages outside your UENI website landing page. 

If you are currently on the Basic layout, you can add the new Profiles standalone section to your website in the following steps:

  1. Jump in to Editor → Sections
  2. Click the “Add Section” button
  3. Select "Profiles" option
  4. Type in the name of your Profiles section (Team, Meet the Team, etc.)

Alternatively, if you are using Advanced layouts, once you are inside the Editor, simply click on Pages, then choose Add Page or Link and select Profiles.

The name of the section is what appears on your website’s menu!

That’s it! You are ready to add member pages to your website.

Creating Member Pages

Member pages are the core of your new Profiles section. These pages can have different elements to better describe each profile:

  • Name (this one is mandatory!)
  • Role
  • Image: one image, works better with portrait head shots)
  • Description: this one is good for a short bio)
  • URLs: up to 4 different URLs, for all kinds of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, ...) or individual websites
  • Phone and Email

To add a member page to your Profiles section:

  1. Go to the Editor → Sections and open the section where the page will be available
  2. Click the “Add Member” button
  3. Write the attributes of the profile
  4. Click "Save" to publish the page

Change the position of your Profiles section

As each section (Space, Profiles, Media Collection, etc.) gets its own link in your website’s menu, you may want to change its position. This is fairly easy!

In the Editor context, Standalone Sections behave like any other section. Therefore, you can rearrange them as you would with the other sections:

  1. Go to Editor → Section
  2. Click on the “Edit” button to enable the editing mode
  3. Using the left “handle”, move the section to its correct position

If you are still preparing some content before launching, you can toggle the Space “off” — using the green switch. This allows you to manage your pages without them becoming visible to your visitors.

Sorting Member Pages

By default, new member pages in your profiles section appear at the top, i.e., pages are sorted in reverse chronological order. In any case, if you want to, you can sort your pages in any order.

In your Profiles view, you can change the order of pages — this is the same behaviour as sorting your products or services:

  1. Go to the Editor → Sections and open the section with your pages
  2. Click on the “Edit” button to enable the editing mode
  3. Using the left “handle” on each page, sort the pages as you want

Deleting a Member Page or a Profiles Section

Sometimes, we really need to delete something...

Deleting a Member Page

Deleting pages is rather easy:

  1. Go to the Editor → Sections and open the section with your pages
  2. Click on the “Edit” button to enable the editing mode
  3. Click the “bin” icon on the right

Deleting a Section

To delete a Profile:

  1. Go to the Editor → Sections and open the Profile you want to delete
  2. Click the “bin” icon on the Delete card
  3. Confirm the deletion

Please, note that:
- deleting a Profile will delete all the member pages in the section;
- after deletion, you can’t recover any content.

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