As a UENI customer, you have the Send a Message section on your site, where your own customers can submit an enquiry/contact form on your site to ask you questions or book any of your services for a specific time.

You may have come across some of your customers complaining that they cannot book a time slot in advance, or they are not receiving all of the available times when attempting to submit a contact form.

This is because the available hours in the Send a Message section are automatically synced from the Opening Hours section on your site. The times which will be made available to your customers are only those that are within the opening hours of your business, as indicated in the Opening Hours section.

As shown in the following example, there is only the option of choosing a time between 9am and 12pm for your customers when booking the following service:

This is because the Opening Hours may be set to only cater to these times, which you can see in the following example:

To make sure that your customers have the option of selecting from more time slots, you have to modify the Opening Hours section on your site accordingly.

To modify your business' opening hours, log in to the Editor HERE.

Once, you are logged in, click on Sections.

Then, click on Opening Hours.

In this section, you are free to modify your opening hours, which will then correspond in the available timeslots in the Send a Message section.

If you would like to offer the option for your customers to book time slots at any time of the day, you will have to make sure that your Opening Hours indicate that you are open all day long. To do this, simply add 12:00AM as your starting time and 11:59PM as your closing time. Here's an example as shown in the following image:

Make sure to press Save when you've made these changes.

The available time slots in the Send a Message section have been changed as well!

Now your customers are free to book any 15-minute time slot throughout the day!

If you have any questions, please get in touch by sending us a message here. We're always happy to help.