Here’s a quick step-by-step for you to start selling your products with UENI!

First, learn how to set your opening hours by clicking here to accept reservations. If you already have specific opening hours, you can jump to the next step.


By clicking here you will learn how to edit your products 

You can click here to learn how to add different variations of the same product

You can learn how to add pricing details to your products by clicking here

You can also click here to learn how to add promotional prices to your products

And if you click here, you can learn how to add multiple images to your products


You can also explore the following articles to complete your website information and give your customers everything they need to know about you!


You can learn how to set up a Refund Policy by clicking here
Learn how to add Taxes to your site by clicking here

If you want to learn how to add shipping costs, just click here
And you can click here to learn how to edit the Terms and Conditions of your business

If you have any other doubts, feel free to reach out via live chat by clicking here!