What is the shopping cart?

The shopping cart allows your business to sell online using a state-of-the-art cart feature, similar to a professional E-commerce platform.

With the shopping cart, your customers can purchase multiple products in one-go by adding them to their cart and checking out in a professional manner.

Your customers can also add/remove quantities of goods they're looking to purchase and select from a variety of different shipping options that you can add by yourself.

Currently, all payments from the shopping cart are made via PayPal. Your customers do not need a PayPal account, as they can simply pay using a credit/debit card, or cash if they're looking to collect their products themselves. The only requirement is for you to have a PayPal account in order to accept these payments.

Here's what the cart looks like:

Why is this valuable?

  • It's the most convenient way for your customers to purchase your products, with the click of a few buttons on your website.
  • Your customers can select multiple products and check out in one sitting.
  • It allows you to add multiple delivery methods for your customers to choose from, changing the shipping costs as required.
  • Your customers can select items in the cart and come back at a later time to finalise the purchase, as the cart will have your items saved.
  • You can add other important information within the cart, such as shipping times, delivery methods, taxes, etc.

For more information on how to activate the shopping cart, please click here.

For more information on the shopping cart and what it can do for your business, take a look at this post from the UENI Blog.

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